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  • What is permanent jewelry?
    Permanent jewelry is a continuous, elegant statement bracelet, anklet, or necklace. A dainty sterling silver, gold, or gold filled chain that is custom-fit and welded together without a clasp. A quick, fun and painless experience leaving you with a perfect staple piece of jewelry. It is also referred to as infinity jewelry, bonded jewelry, or forever jewelry, a perfect idea for friendship bracelets, mother daughter bonding, and are a super fun idea for birthday and bachelorette parties! No need to remove it when showering, exercising or adventuring and so delicate, you forget you’re even wearing it.
  • Does it hurt?
    Not at all! Permanent jewelry is not actually welded to your skin. We simply weld the two ends of the chain together. It's a pain free process that leaves you with a clasp-less piece of jewelry.
  • What is the process of getting permanent jewelry?
    Its super fun and quick- pick a chain, add a charm or connector and after its custom fit, it gets fused together with a quick zap!
  • Is permanent jewelry durable?
    Yes, they can be very durable! But like any fine jewelry, you do need to treat it with care. If your jewelry gets snagged or pulled hard, it could break or stretch like any other piece of fine jewelry.
  • How do I take care of it?
    We only use high quality sterling silver, 14k gold and 14k gold filled materials. This means it will not tarnish over time if proper care is taken. However, oxidation can occur under certain conditions. The most common being chemicals (hot tub chemicals, cleaning chemicals, job related chemicals), humidity and even your PH levels. To clean your jewelry, simply use warm water, a soft bristled brush and dish soap or use your gifted polishing cloth to wipe it clean and it'll look good as new!
  • Can I go through airport security with my permanent jewelry?
    Yes! Since permanent jewelry is made out of precious metals, it will not set off metal detectors. They are TSA approved so no need to remove before traveling. In fact, they make a great accessory for your next vacation!
  • What if I want or need to remove my permanent jewelry?
    If you need to remove your permanent jewelry for any reason, simply cut it with scissors or a nail clipper. If you decide to take it off, be sure to keep your chain safe to have it re-welded. First re-weld is on us! Please note that some medical procedures (even some MRIs) do not require the jewelry to be removed. Be sure to check with your doctor before removing it.
  • What chain options do you carry? Pricing?
    We only use high quality sterling silver, 14k gold filled or solid 14 karat white and yellow gold. We offer a variety of chain styles and charms to accessorize your piece. Create a beautiful ring, bracelet, anklet or necklace. The prices vary by the type of metal and style selected ranging from $25-$125 for silver and 14k gold filled. *14k gold is priced per inch.
  • Why gold filled?
    Gold filled does NOT mean gold plated. There is a huge difference between the two. Quite simply, there is a lot more gold in 14K gold fill than there is in a 14K gold plated piece. A 14K gold fill piece is created by wrapping an actual layer of 14K gold around a jeweler's brass core (typically 90% copper and 10% zinc). Gold filled jewelry is one of the most durable types of jewelry on the market, resulting in a that will not tarnish or allow the 14k gold to be rubbed off, while also being more affordable.
  • How do I get my permanent jewelry?
    Make an appointment at our studio, visit one of our pop-ups or host your own party! Learn more here.
  • How do I book an event and offer permanent jewelry?
    Hosting an event or party offering permanent jewelry is so much fun! We can't wait to help you celebrate your next birthday, bachelorette party, bridal , work events, or any occasion! We do have a limited number of events we take and book up quickly, so please inquire about your event ASAP. We do require a minimum for all private events. Contact us to book.
  • Do you offer gift cards?
    Yes! Gift cards are available and the perfect gift for your loved one. It is a very unique and fun gift and they can book at anytime of their choosing. Our digital online gift cards let you give the gift of jewelry and an experience all in one! Get one here
  • Are you having commitment issues?
    No worries, we've got you covered. If you aren't into something being permanent, we can put a clasp on it for you so you have a custom fit piece you can take on and off. If for any reason you want to remove your jewelry, simply cut it off with scissors or nail clippers. Keep the chain safe and we can reconnect it in the future or simply add a clasp for a small fee.
  • Refund Policy
    Refund policy Due to the custom nature of permanent jewelry, we do not offer returns or refunds. All sales are final. In the event that you break/lose your chain, Nauctilus Jewelry will not be held responsible for lost or broken chains. Should you loose a gemstone in one of your chains within 60-days of purchase, please reach out so that we can replace it for you. After 60-days, we are not responsible for the loss of a gemstone. If the chain is removed or breaks within 60-days, we will reattach it free of charge. If you need to remove it for any reason, simply cut with scissors where it was welded and schedule an appointment to have it reattached. Be sure to keep the chain in a safe container and bring it with you to your re-weld appointment. For pieces outside of the 60-day policy, if the item is still in your possession, and needs to be re-welded a $20 + tax service fee will be charged. Gift Cards Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns on gift cards.
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