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the process

pick your chain

Choose from our selection of beautiful chains. All of our chains come in either Sterling Silver or 14k Gold Filled. Solid gold is available upon request. 

About Our Leather
add a charm or connector

Want t o  add some extra sparkle? Choose one of our many stone connectors or add a geometric shape. The possibilities are endless!

fit & fuse

Once we measure and custom-fit your piece to your liking, it's finally time to weld your creation. We use a micro-welding machine to fuse your jewelry to itself with a quick and painless ZAP! There is no heat and it is perfectly safe.


Time to show off your seamless, clasp-less beautiful piece of jewelry! Since there is no clasp, you now have a dainty, subtle, functional, no-snag uniquely yours piece of jewelry. It's so dainty you forget you are even wearing it. Go for a simple single chain or multiple stacked pieces, there are endless possibilities!

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